The Signalling Tower & Querngravesignalling tower

This tower probably dates from the Napoleonic wars. It was used for signalling to  Guernsey before the view was obscured completely by trees. The ornamentation around the top of the tower was added later by Seigneur WT Collings, the brickwork being a clear indication of Victorian construction.

Dame Sybil Hathaway used the area between the Signalling Tower and the Colombier as a pets’ graveyard and plaques on the wall commemorate her treasured cats and dogs.

By the tower doorway is a rare Pot Quern, aquern household mill for grinding grain. It is probably Elizabethan, as it is not of Sark stone and was likely brought from Jersey by the settlers. Milling was a valuable Seigneurial monopoly and the De Carteret arms carved on the outside also appear on the windmill (1571AD). The crest shows that the first Seigneur owned the quern (the initials H and M may stand for Helier and Margaret) or merely that he authorised its use. Grain was fed into the centre hole, the top stone rotated and meal emerged from the spout.