July '09 - Hathaways off to a Royal Startroyals

On the 7th of July our Café and Restaurant, Hathaways, was given a royal seal of approval when it was opened by Prince Edward and Sophie Countess of Wessex. They arrived by boat after a somewhat blustery crossing from Herm but the weather cleared as they chugged up Harbour Hill in true Sark style aboard the toast rack. At the Collinette they transferred royals2to rather more sedate horse-drawn transport and arrived to cheers at the Island Hall soon after midday. After meeting the children at Sark School and members of Chief Pleas, the royal procession made its way to La Seigneurie. Not only did Edward and Sophie open Hathaways but they and forty invited guests were then first to eat there. The staff presented a delicious spread of local delicacies including Sark lobster and crab and wonderful produce from La Seigneurie fruit and vegetable gardens.

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