November '09 - New Homes Available at La Seigneurie, for Owlsbarn owlowl box

As part of our ongoing commitment to our feathered friends in the Gardens, we've begun putting up a whole range of new bird boxes. We've started with the largest, two boxes specially designed for Barn Owls. One box is near the maze and the second is close to the Signalling Tower where these owls have been known to nest in the past. Barn Owls are by far the most numerous owls breeding in the Channel Islands but until recently suffered from a lack of nest sites as more and more old buildings have been modernised and occupied by people. Fortunately they take well to man-made nest boxes and their numbers are on the increase in the other islands. Sark has plenty of perfect open hunting ground for Barn Owls and therefore a good supply of the small mammals they feed on. There are already a couple of nest boxes being used in the island and it's hoped that one or two pairs will decide to set up home at La Seigneurie.

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