May 2010 - New Residents Arrive for Our Dove-cote

New DovesOur beautiful Victorian dove-cote will be alive to the sounds of cooing later this spring as we're re-stock it with birds. Keeping doves was a right reserved only for the Seigneur in times gone by and until recently our dove-cote has been home to a flock of white fan-tailed doves. Over the last few years their numbers have dwindled due to predation from sparrowhawks and the fact that for several years the only remaining doves have all been male. The new birds are white pigeons bred in Guernsey and it’s hoped that this stronger flying species will prove too nimble for our local birds of prey. The first four of our eight new residents arrived by ferry on the 5th of May and are being kept in a cage at the foot of the dovecote for two weeks while they become accustomed to their new location. The rest of the flock will be here in a couple of weeks.

The birds cost £20 each so we’re looking for sponsorship to cover the cost of the flock which should feel at home enough in the dove-cote to breed. If you’d like to sponsor a bird or put your name to a new plant, shrub or even a whole flower bed do get in touch with us on 01481 832208.