Our new rose garden is blooming

Planting the new rosesNew rose garden in bloomIn autumn 2012 we decided to completely replant our circular rose bed replacing the existing red, yellow, white and peach roses with a planting scheme in shades of pink. Digging out the old roses was hard work as most of them had been there since 2000 and to prevent rose replacement disease we also had to remove most of the soil and replace it with new earth. Most of the old roses were distributed to new homes around the island, as many as possible on a dig-your-own basis!
Our groundsman Rob designed and built four new obelisks to go in the centre of each of the quadrants to support clematis and the new roses are all English varieties grown by David Austin in Shropshire. When the new plants arrived it was all hands to the spades to get them in the ground as quickly as possible. The new varieties are William Shakespeare, Wildeve, Hyde Hall and Lady Salisbury. The inside edge of the circle has remained bordered with St Peter Port Daisy and the outer edges have been planted with a tall variety of nepeta which creates a gorgeous purple haze when in the flower. This is the second summer for our new roses and we think they're bloomin' lovely! (And they smell delicious too)New rose 1New rose 2