mop headsWinter News - January 2014crab apple

Even during the dull days of winter colour can always be found the Seigneurie Gardens. The hydrangeas don’t get pruned till spring and the ‘mopheads’ in particular can be seen almost glowing in the low light of January. Several new young fruit trees have been planted near the fruit cage and a lovely new ornamental crab apple, Malus sentinel, retains its bright fruit all winter.
Autumn saw more work on the new tulip beds with additional bulbs going in during November and a good thick layer of leaf mould applied overall. We look forward to the transition from this, below left, to the colourful spring display, below right, with pleasure and now that the agapanthus, fuchsia and euphorbia planted last year are well-established, they will provide a continuous bed of interest. TulipsEmpty tulip bed