December 2010 - It's snowed!snowy dovecote

Snow is a rare occurance in Sark but in the last year or two we've been treated to an unusual amount of the white stuff. At the very end of November this year we had a couple of inches during a dramatic night time thunder storm. The next morning the gentle dusting of snow was beautifully lit as the skies cleared and the sun came out. That turned out to be merely a taster of what was come as on the 1st and 2nd of December six or more inches fell. Branches snapped from trees under the weight of snow, blocking roads and bringing down telephone lines, with the island's pine trees bearing the brunt of rose in the snowthe damage. In La Seigneurie Gardens some of our shrubs have suffered too from the sheer weight of the snow. The harbour hill was closed to tractors for a half a day and our postal service was disrupted for a couple of days. On the positive side, the deep covering of snow looks incredibly beautiful and reaches right down to the sea. Sark children have had time off school and many have enjoyed building huge snowmen and going toboganning, along with quite a few adults!

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