Tying the knot at La Seigneurie Gardens


With the recent changes in the marriage laws here on Sark, couples now have a wider choice of wedding venues on the island and need only three days residency before tying the knot. La Seigneurie Gardens Trust owns one of the first new venues to be granted permission for civil wedding ceremonies in their beautiful old building known as the Chapel. There is seating for up to 40 guests and wedding carriages are able to use the Seigneurie’s main entrance gate and drive, a privilege usually only granted to royalty. The wedding party also has full access to the romantic Seigneurie Gardens for their photographs and use of the beautiful stone steps on the outside of the walled gardens, a perfect location for group photographs that is not normally accessible to the public. Early evening candlelit weddings are also available at the registrar’s discretion. We can help you organise beautifully turned out wedding carriages, a photographer, florist, hairdresser, a reception venue and everything else needed to make your big day the most magical it can be.

For more information click on the weddings link above. With thanks to Lydia Bourne for the photograph.