January 2010 - Wildlife Gets a Helping Hand at La Seigneuriebird boxes

Birds in La Seigneurie Gardens now have an even wider choice of nest sites thanks to a grant from La Société Sercquaise which has paid for 13 new nest boxes. The boxes have been put up in carefully chosen sites in and around the Walled Garden by Seigneurie gardener and beekeeper Jo Birch. As well as the standard nest boxes Jo has installed some open fronted boxes for wrens, robins and flycatchers and a triple terrace style box for house sparrows. Late last year Jo installed two barn owl boxes within the Gardens and explains, "The days are getting longer now and spring is just around the corner so it's the perfect time to put up next boxes. There's a huge amount of birdlife in the Gardens so there are plenty of nest sites but there's nothing wrong with giving nature a helping hand." Funding from La Société Sercquaise has also enabled La Seigneurie Gardens Trust to buy a bird feeding station which will soon be installed near our new café Hathaways.